Sunday, May 3, 2009

Update and Time Off

There is not too much to update. It is the same thing, levels go up, do everything right, and not pregnant. Shaylor and I have had a lot of discussion lately and we are going to take the next couple of months off. We need to, well really, I need to get myself back together. Every month it gets harder and harder and I just can't do it right now. The heartache and depression it causes is too much right now for me. So the next couple of months will be nice to just regroup and enjoy my husband. I am going to take a couple of months off of the blog too. It is a constant reminder of the hardships we are going through. Unless something happens, then there won't be any updates for a couple of months. I am sorry to depress you, but I hope you understand.

Before I go, I want to just send a special thanks to my family and Tara and Dusty. The support they have shown to us goes above and beyond what I could ever imagine.

I appreciate all the prayers, PLEASE, PLEASE don't stop. We need them now more than ever.

Hopefully the next time we update, there will be good news.