Sunday, February 12, 2012

5 months really????

I know, I know, I have been a horrible blogger the last 5 months. I think about it at times I don't have time to sit down and type. Here are things that are going on with Kysen:
*A walker- He walks everywhere!!!! He took his first steps right before he was 9 months, and I was home to see them. It was wonderful. Ever since then he takes more and more, and within the last few weeks, he would rather walk than crawl.
*5 teeth- He is an AWESOME teether. One of his teeth we had no idea that it was even going to come out. He went to bed and the next morning he had a tooth.
*Talking- here are just a few words that you can say, Mama, Dada, Ball, Dog, Hi, Bye, No, OK, yeah, and you are trying your name, sometimes we get Sen out of you and other times we get Ky Ky. He repeats ever word that I say, or at least make a noise with the same tone that I use.
*Clapping is still one thing he always does. Now, he will play patty cake by himself.
*If he is crying, all I have to do is give him a book or show him a picture of a baby and he stops.
*He waves bye with both hands, and waves hi with one hand.
*He loves to give people high five, and we are working on bones(knuckles). He doesn't quit get to make a fist.
*He had RSV in January and that was an awful experience. He had a fever for a week. It got really high one night and had to take him to the ER. After 2 weeks, he finally started acting like himself.
*We are working on the word gentle when petting dogs or when we are around babies.
*He will just walk over to me and give me a hug and a kiss, he already knows how to melt a woman's heart.
*Some of his favorite toys are trucks he can push around, anything that will open and close, riding in his many cars that he has, and he still loves balls. He always has at least one in his hand no matter what he is doing.
*At his 9 month check up he weighed 20 pounds(30th percentile) and was 30 inches long (95th percentile).
*He is going to be a big cousin in August!

This is just a little bit of what Kysen can do! I can't believe he is a month away from being one. Time is flying. I love him more than I ever thought I could love anything.