Wednesday, September 21, 2011

6 months

I hate that the 5 month mark got skipped, I do have a picture but no stats. I guess that is what happens when school starts and we didn't have internet at home.

For now, here is your 6 month stats:

You weigh almost 17 pounds- 30th percentile

Lenghth is 28 inches- 90%th percentile

Wearing size 2 diaper

Clothes is so hard because you are so skinny- pajamas 6-9 months, onsies 6-9, shirts 3-6, and shorts/pants are 3-6 month but falling off of you. When you wear 3-6 month pants they are way too short. Not sure how to fix this problem, but hopefully one day Mommy will.

Your 2 bottom teeth FINALLY broke through at the same time

You can sit all by yourself

Love playing with your toys and when you get bored with one you let us know and we move on to something else

You would rather be standing than sitting, but you don't have the strength yet to stand on your own, even though you try really hard.

You are rocking on all fours ready to start crawling

Your favorite thing is when Mommy or Daddy say your name .you stop what you are doing and look and smile.

Whenever you make eye contact with someone you give them the biggest smile.

People say you are the happiest baby they have ever seen. You never cry unless something is really bothering you, and your smile is amazing!

You love to belly laugh at your Daddy whenever he is playing with you.

You started Day Care with Ms. Tina and you LOVE it. There are many days you would rather be there than home, which makes me happy that you love it, but sad because I want you to want to be with me.

You still eat about 30 ounces a day and have 2 meals a day one with fruit and the other with veggies. If you had your choice it would be all food and no bottle.

You still don't really nap, maybe 10 min here and there in the mornings, and an hour on a good afternoon.

You go to bed at 8:00 and sleep between 5-6.

It is crazy how much you have grown in the last couple of months. Your personality has really come through and I cherish every moment we get to spend together. I cannot wait for the many more memories we will share. Love you beyond words!