Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am all recovered and ready to share the news we received!!!!! We got answers and that is all we hoped and prayed for. Here was our experience on Wednesday, March 17th...

We, my dad, Shaylor, and I, got to the surgical center Wednesday morning. We got all checked in and I was feeling at peace, which is a shock for those that know me. I am a very anxious person. The OR we were going to had some complications and the surgery before ours took a lot longer than expected. I went in 2 hours later than planned. The doctor told Shaylor and I it would be a 45 min to an hour procedure, and they wheeled me off and Shay went back to the waiting room with my dad. The surgery ended up taking an hour and half. Our doctor told us on our follow up appointment she was just about finished and decided to check one more place, under the uterus. She picked up the uterus and it was covered in Endometriosis. She scraped it all out and got rid of it. All of the other reproductive organs look great. She said the best time for us to conceive is in the next 3-6 months. We are excited and hopeful again. It is a GREAT feeling!!!!!! The only down part about endometriosis is it slowly comes back, so in about 2 years we will have to do this again. I will take that.

I can't even began to tell you what a huge relief it is knowing that there was something stopping us from getting pregnant and we would not have been able to conceive until it was cleaned out. I told Shaylor all the people that said just relax and then it will happen, I want to go to each and every one of them and say NO it wouldn't have, we have a medical issue.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. We could not have made it this far without the power of prayer and love and support from yall. I hope soon I can give you an updated report with good news.

Friday, March 12, 2010


For those that read and want updates about our struggle with infertility... here is the latest. We have taken quite a long time off, since Sept. We are on the bandwagon again. On Wednesday, at 7:00 am we are having a diagnostic laparoscopy to see if there is an underlying issue that has not shown up on any of the other test or sonograms that we have done. I will be out of commission for about 5 days, it just depends on the severity of the problem, if any. My parents are coming to be here with us during this time. Really, my poor dad has to take care of me. My mom will be at a training in Dallas so we will see her at night, and Shaylor has to work, Wed. night, Thurs, and Friday. Then it will be his turn on Sat. and Sun. I am hoping, and praying that this gives us some answers. Over 2 years of dealing with infertility has taken a toll on us. We are so ready to be parents and know that our time is coming soon. Please as Wednesday approaches if you think about it, we would appreciate any prayers.