Sunday, January 23, 2011

So Blessed

We have had 2 baby showers so far, and are just so overwhelmed by the love people have shown us. It truly is amazing how blessed we really are.

Kysen's room is slowly coming together. Thank goodness for all the goodies we have gotten so far. I see other people that are due in March already have everything finished, and we are no where close to that. Trying to organize everything has been really fun. I have had to make some sacrifices and give up my closet to Ky could have somewhere for his clothes, and toys. I got rid of a lot of clothes, but the hardest part was to get rid of about 30 pairs of shoes. I cried! On a more positive note, we do have the necessities we need to have a baby right now: car seat, bassinet, and some clothes.

I know that Shaylor and I both could never express how much we appreciate everything that has been done for us and our blessing!